We offer a full range of absorbent incontinence products for any condition, as well as skincare and hygiene solutions.

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Tena products are safe for you and your loved ones

  • With skin integrity in mind, Tena Products are designed to optimize breathability and moisture protection
  • There are no typical allergens or natural rubber latex in Tena products
  • All the materials used are assessed for their potential sensitizing properties
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Adult Briefs

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How do absorbent products work?

Urine passes out of the body and into the absorbent product; it is then quickly wicked away from the skin:

  • The absorbent top core keeps the surface dry
  • Liquid is then pulled into the bottom core
  • There, it is turned into a gel by the superabsorbent polymers to prevent urine from coming into contact with the skin
  • The product's surface stays dry - thus helping the skin's surface to stay dry
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